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Last updated: 6 Apr 2024
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Today, we warmly welcome you to explore our organic garden.
a small but vibrant space where we cultivate an abundance of herbs, spices, and ingredients used in Thai dishes.

The first place we are proud to present to you is our rice fields.
Here, we cultivate three different types of rice: white, black, and pink rice.

We also have a bamboo patch where you can walk around and get close to the rice fields to explore and admire the natural atmosphere.

White rice fields behide the withe rice field is black rice,
you can see from the differrent color of rice leaves

 Black rice fields 

 Pink rice fields 


 A bamboo patch where you can walk around and get close to the rice fields

Rice field harvest season on January-February 
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For the next phase, we have herb and flower plots containing ginger, galangal, holy basil, spring onion, basil, sunflower, marigold, and butterfly pea.

Each basket will be assigned to one person for hand-picked activities to prepare Thai food.

Our chef show how to picked the sweet basil

Marigolds boast medicinal, skincare, repel insects, are edible, and hold cultural symbolism.

Holy basil flower : holy basil, known as "bai krapow" in Thai : In Thai cuisine, "Pad Krapow " (Stir-Fried with holy Basil and Chili) 

In Thai cuisine, turkey berry is known as "Ma-Kheua-Phuang."
It's used as an ingredient in dishes like red curry, green curry, and shrimp paste chili sauce

We recommend that you take a stroll around our garden and immerse yourself in the sunset view. Here, you'll see various fruit trees and a beautiful garden situated behind our kitchen station.

Lady Finger bananas, or sugar bananas, in Thai are called "kluay nam wa". They are rich in potassium, fiber, and vitamin B6. These bananas promote heart health, aid digestion, boost immunity, and serve as a convenient and nutritious snack.

Banana blossom, or banana flower, is a nutritious ingredient used in Southeast Asian cuisine for its unique flavor and textureto dishes like salads, curries, and stir-fries. In Thai som restaurant will serve banana flower with pad thai 

In Thai, "papaya" is called "ma-la-gaw"  The hearts of our famous dish "Som-Tum"

Jackfruit in Thai we called "khanun" is a tropical fruit with a sweet flavor.

Rose apple is a tropical fruit known for its crisp texture and subtly sweet flavor.
In Thai, it is called "chom-poo"
 It is often enjoyed fresh as a snack or added to salads and fruit plates.

Mango is a tropical fruit prized for its sweet and juicy flesh. In Thai, it is called "ma-muang" Mangoes are often enjoyed fresh, added to salads, smoothies, desserts, or used in savory dishes such as mango sticky rice.

Coconut, known as "ma-phrao" in Thai, is a versatile tropical fruit used in various forms in Thai cuisine, including milk, cream, water, and grated flesh.

We also have a small pond where we feed fish and plant lotus flowers. It provides a refreshing atmosphere and a beautiful view while you're cooking.

Our garden will feature new plants and flowers every season.
If you're seeking a cooking course that offers more than just culinary skills one where you can touch, feel, and explore plants amidst beautiful views and fresh air then our course is exactly what you're looking for.

If you're interested in joining our class, we welcome you to experience the joy with us.

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